Cloud Mining Lease agreement
Terms and Conditions

You (the "Customer") agree with the following terms and conditions for the provision of mining services (the "Agreement") made as of today; between:
1. Tavecchiacoin LTD, 27 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX (GB) DUNS 224658006 (“ Pool”, “Service Providers”, “us” or “we”); and
2. You, the Customer.

1.0. Purchasing

With our lease agreement plan cloud mining we purchase DDP miner for you, run on our farms at win-win 50:50 revenue share (after electricity and service charge).

1.1. Purchasing Fees

Customer may elect to pay the purchasing fees of this contract using Tavecchiacoin. Purchasing fees shall be paid at the initiation or beginning of the contract.

1.2. Purchasing with Tavecchiacoin

Customer elects to pay using Tavecchiacoin, the fees shall be calculated using 1 Tavecchiacoin = -to- 1 USD ($) exchange rate. After Customer chooses to send this transaction, Customer will have 30 minutes from the time of initiation to send the Purchasing Fees of the unconfirmed transaction. This contract will activate automatically after the transaction is confirmed and will start his run after 30 Days from his transaction confirmation.

1.3. Purchasing with bank wire transfer

To buy our mining plan you have to buy Tavecchiacoin first; we only accept bank wire transfer for purchases, choose one of our Bankshop in the map of our website to buy Tavecchiacoin.

2. Contract Activation

After contract activation, a new worker contract will be added to the workers page on the website; the miner will be ready to mine after 30 days from the transaction confirmation.
Hashrate plan will appear in Customer’s account.

3. Revenue

Rewards will be credited to the users pool balance at 6:00AM UTC at the exportation date of the plan subscribed. Customer may choose to withdraw their revenue automatically or manually as long as their balance exceeds 0.01 Tavecchiacoin only after the plan expiration date.

4. Choice of coin to mine

Customer may not decide which coin to mine (among the available coins in the Pool), but Tavecchiacoin reserves the right to decide which coin the hashrate will be used to create blocks.

5. Fees

Daily fees are subtracted from Customer’s pool balance at 6:00AM UTC every day. If contract revenue for the day is lower than daily fees, daily fee will be lowered to the same as the revenue amount. This ensures Customer does not end up with a negative balance. Fees will be pro-rated for the first and last day. Plan profit worked out in USD on the expiration date on the plan subscribed calculated as follow: Tavecchiacoin mining plan reward revenue, minus Pool fee (currently 2%), minus service charge (currently 8.0 USD/miner/month), minus insurance charge (currently 1USD/miner/month ), minus project management fee (fixed at 10% of the revenue), minus contingency fund (fixed at 5% of the revenue), minus miner rent ( currently at 7.5USD/month including repair cost, minus depreciation (fixed at 33% yearly).

6. Contract termination

Contract will terminate on the contract expiry date. Contract can terminate before the expiry date if it is not profitable for 60 days (contract revenue is less than contract fees for 60 days). We consider a day to be unprofitable if Tavecchiacoin revenue does not exceed fees. “Lifetime” contracts do not have an expiry date but will still terminate if not profitable for 60 days.

7. Refunds and Exchanges

By default, Tavecchiacoin does not allow refunds or exchanges after a contract has been fully paid. We reserve the right to make a decision on refunds or exchanges.

8. Limitation of Liability

Without detriment to the Service Providers (Tavecchiacoin’) obligation to render the Services on a commercially reasonable basis only, any liability of the Service Provider hereunder and or in connection with this Agreement shall be limited to willful misconduct and gross negligence. Further, the Service Provider shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the Customer as a result of force majeure which shall include any disruption or breakdown of the Tavecchiacoin market.

9. Governing Law, Language and Miscellaneous

9.1 These Terms of Service have been made in and shall be construed and enforced in accordance with London law. Any dispute or difference arising out of or in connection with this contract shall be referred to and determined by arbitration under the Electronic Transaction Arbitration Rules of the London International Arbitration Centre. London shall be the seat of arbitration and any such dispute shall be resolved at the Londo International Arbitration Center by a single arbitrator.
8.2 Correspondence should be sent to
9.3 The English version shall control in the event there is a discrepancy between any English version and any translation.
9.4 The terms of the Privacy Policy are incorporated herein. These terms shall control in the event there is a discrepancy between these terms and the Privacy Policy.

10. Change in Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.

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